Trading Systems don't the last long forever? Myth?

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  1. What do you think guys, is this true or not? I have seen some traders actually say they have been using the same system for like 10 years and longer.. I think the systems that really last long are the ones that focus on price action (no indicators).. What are your thoughts?
  2. I made a ton of money for about 9 months straight doing carry trades on FX couple of years ago but when the dollar started collapsing swap rates deteriorated and I had to quit doing it.
  3. Does hardly count as basically your strategy is STILL a valid setup... if it occurs.

    That it does not work for some limited time does not mean it is invalid per definition.
  4. SORRY GUYS FOR THE TYPO in the Thread Title.. It was suppose to say "Trading Systems don't last forever? Myth?" :)

    For the guy that said he was making money for 9 months straight.. What was your system based on?
  5. Hope you are planning a legitimate thread about whether systems last long. This last question looks more like you are sniffing around for ideas for your own trading. That seems a little dishonest...

    People with edges are NOT looking to give them away or to have a thread turn into a Q&A on "OK, so how do you do it - give me a hint so I can cannibalize some of your work."

    So, please stay on target...
  6. I'm the creator of this thread, so if I was looking for a step by step system you would have known straight from the beginning.. So no I'm not sniffing around.. The best way for me and others to find out the answer to this thread is to ask questions like..... what, why and how? I was hoping his system would give us a clue what not to do.. understand?

    All I said was, what was your system based on (i.e.. price action, indicators, etc..) I didn't say tell me your system in detail..

    Anyway's, lets get back on track guys..
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    ASk Blowinsky...he se out to create a money losing system and it is doing as well as ever.
  8. MYTH!
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    Systems differ.. if you find something that won't be gamed by the smart money it will never quit working...
  10. carry trade is non-directional and prone to blow-ups, like all other arbitrage methods.
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