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    Hi, all traders using Elite Trader

    What is your oppinion about posting information re trading systems and methods tested to work?
    Futures markets are huge and we all can have a profitable "slice". There is room for all of us; there is not competition between us; we can help each other.
    A team is more powerful than any individual.
    Telling each other what we use for making money, is not a "secret". Some "gurus"- never trading- try to offer "secrets" , just to sell their useless books, seminars, newsletters, etc.
    It is just common sense that professional traders are focus in trading, not in writing tens of books. When? TIME, TIME, TIME. They will offer 1-2 books.

    My idea is to have 2 forums:
    -one for trading using EOD data
    -one for trading using RT data

    Of course, I know that using the same tool - in trading like in everithing in life - the performance will be different for every individual. is good to see.

    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards to all of you and have a good trading.
  2. Check out these links (also in my signature) - I compiled a list like this a while back. There have been other good discussions and methods posted since. Get familiar with the search function and do a lot of reading, and keep track of the threads that provide value for you in your bookmarks.

    The backtesting of any of these methods/systems is left to the trader. The point isn't to hand out a fully functional system, but rather to provide the basic rules and ideas for systems that can be created by the person doing the research.
  3. genejef


    Hi, TriPack

    Thank you for being kind enough to answer.
    I did a search and many methods you are talking about are based on old indicators, performing poor or at best OK, giving too early or too late signals, reducing the profit. Probably the methods are from free web pages or trading publications.
    I'm in financial industry since 70's, seeing all changes ( new markets, new indicators, softwares,more trading and less trending markets, direct access, AI, etc.)
    I'm using AI , adaptive indicators with some modified formulas, and what regular traders don't know ( becose there are not public domain information ), spread ( do not confuse with futures spread) and volume as used in the real world of trading, not in publications.
    Why I use these? No regular system with old indicators is working in long run. Black boxes are proving.
    My intention was to give some info about these. If you believe you can compeate and make good money using regular softwares ( even the slow JAVA chart for day trading) and old indicators, keep doing so. I hope you have a profitable trading, offering you year after year at least 100% return of your trading capital.
    Ok, I will not post any info.

    Our horizon is how far we are able to see. In trading , this is our knowledge( about 90% loosing).
    Best regards and have a profitable trading.
  4. Well, that was sure an interesting dialogue between Genejef and himself.

    Maybe I'll drink water today or drink ice cubes...
  5. GeneJef,

    I guess I misread your initial post, and I would also guess others did the same. My apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought you were here to find a method or system from among the ideas posted so far on ET, so I posted a couple of links to that end. I didn't realize that you were wanting to post some original research and ideas in this particular thread and start such a discussion.

    I can't speak for anyone else but I think it is fair to say that ET members are virtually foaming at the mouth for new methods/systems and ideas that can help them attain or increase their profitability. I know I would love to have my own paradigms challenged, and exchange ideas about your unique trading breakthroughs and ideas.

    So bottom line is that yes such postings would be more than welecome, (at least by me) and I'm sure that would be the case for most posters, minus the occasional message board troll. Carry on!

    PS You might find a more receptive audience in the Strategy trading forum.