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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Plop, Jun 24, 2003.

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    If you have more details (website, email address...) about an automated trading system program (preferable the E-mini's trading), pls PM me (trade result min. $3000/month nett (included slip, commission, ..), and backtested for 3years.

  2. Are you buying or just want to know if it exists ?
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    Both. If it exits, and it is according to one's needs, i am very interested.
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  6. Interesting link...the "cumulative equity" graph kind of bothers me

    According to the graph, the 1st 111 trades averaged about
    $360 profit per trade(-commish=$311).

    But, the next 130 trades only averaged $77 profit per trade(-commish=$27)

    I wonder why the first 111 trades did so much better? To many
    people following the system?
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  8. I collect and develop trading systems and so far I did not find any system with real time trading results even coming close to your requirement to make 3,000 per month over 1 year , let alone 3 years.
    hypothetically I came across and developed systems which tested more then 1,000% + profit on margin per year. Needles to say real money trading results were not even close .
    I do not know what is your trading experience but if you are just starting, do consider trading US Bonds and Notes or miniDow first.
    Es and NQ are IMO most difficult to trade profitably.
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    the S&P is a beast!! :D
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