Trading System "Steady II": The Success Story Continues..

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  1. anyone have tried and can tell me somthing about t?

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  2. do you have a link?
  3. LOL! "Only $197.00 a month"...for something that's never been traded in real-time.

    And I really love the first words of their into to the system:

    'After weeks of testing and developing we are proud to announce the release of our new trading system: Steady II.'

    Wow. Weeks (!) of testing! And ready to go.

  4. I am always struggling with this question regarding "Black box" trading systems: why would anyone make public a very successful system, if not that the expected return from monthly fees is higher than the actual result of the system?
  5. I wonder what ever happened to 'Steady I" ?
  6. saico


  7. Some people are great at generating and creating ideas....while others are great at execution. To trade a system requires one to be great at execution, you must have the discipline to follow the plan. It it not always an easy thing to do! Some people just can't take the pressure that trading puts on you!
  8. Very true.
    There are three groups:
    1. excellent trading system developpers
    2. excellent traders
    3. excellent trading system developpers that are at the same time excellent traders

    But this doesn't mean that every "black box" is an excellent trading system that only needs an excellent trader. Most of the "black boxes" are crap.
  9. Your points are valid, Spike.
    Don't you think , though, that the good developers could find the good traders to trade their systems for them? Also, knowing that trading a system is so much related to the psychology of the trader, trading a "black box" system from somebody else seems to be a risky proposition.
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