trading system i have developed

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  1. this offer is exclusive to those who have learned that truth is stranger then fiction

    i don't know how to program but i created a trading system through diligent daily market research. Day after day of hours of screen time for about 12 years. the system works remarkably well. the jpeg is some sim trading i did which is not evidence but rather a good indicator.
    in my own experience i have never seen it go wrong-of course that requires definition- 2 times in a row.
    i want to sell it but only to an experienced programmer. because i ultimately want to sell it as a program.
    you can keep the money in escrow and you will not pay if , after you are taught the method, you are able to find through live trading OR back testing 2 consecutive
    loses in the futures market provided the loses are 6 hours apart. the markets in play are all the futures markets you get on the finviz page. please don't respond unless you can easily prove you are the person i am looking for.
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    Usually when it seems to good to be true I re evaluate my code and theirs usually something obvious like a look ahead bias.
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    If the EliteTraders platform were a large canvas bag, and your program were a prize-winning hog, you'd still be asking for someone to buy a pig-in-a-poke. And, just to fill you in, it' jus' ain't wise, to buy a pig-in-a-poke.
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  4. trading system i have developed" -- That sentence is akin to watching someone turn water into wine, o_O right before your eyes,

    The words 'trading' and 'system' in the same sentence sounds so fake and gimmicky,

    The markets are unique as DNA and personalities;
    Systems are inevitably prone to stepping on land mines that are the marketplace,

    When I think of trading systems....I think of LTCM of the mid/late 90's blowing up, or imploding,

    But I hope it works out for you -- and you report back here about all of the money you have made,
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  5. I stopped believing in Holy Grails after the first 4 Crusades.
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  6. these are forward tested results achieved in sim trading via a approximation of the strategy
  7. these are forward tested results achieved in sim trading via a approximation of the strategy
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    If you "have no programming skills," how did you back test your system?
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    Sorry. You lost me on the chart that shows you started at $0 equity. Not sure where I'd find a broker that would allow me to trade with a $0 balance.
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  10. it is a trade station read out of my sim account. if i knew you are serious i can give you the password so you can very what i am saying
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