Trading System for Newby

Discussion in 'Trading' started by realityweb, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Thanks for the interesting insight you all have provided me reading your post. I would like your opinion on if there is a website that provides entry and exit calls that any newby could follow and make money trading 1000 share lots with tight stops with a profit goal of 30 cents per trade? it seems to me that if there is a pro I can observe, I might be better off and go thru less knocks while I'm learning. I would like everyones opinion on what service would be the best? Also, is there anyone that has perfected a market opening system that focuses on gapping stocks? Something simple and easy? Today GTD gapped down and popped $2.00 in 30 minutes. Is there a specialist out there that I could learn how to jump in and trade these plays? Thanks a million, and look forward to hearing any feedback.

    PS: If I sound like a newby, sorry, but we all were newby's at one time...
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