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    does anyone have a suggestion for where i'd find information on the development of a reliable computer system on which to run a trading bot.

    Obviously if one intends to build a system that will run on its own its important to be assured that your system won't fail. So a system needs a good fallover mechanism, right?

    Has anyone got suggestions for books/web resources which will aid me in building such as system?

  2. You may wish to consider outsourcing this.

    I personally would be more concerned with connectivity reliability and redundancy with low latencies etc.

    Some options you might want to research:

    Whether you decide to co-locate your own built server with one of these guys or rent one of theirs, you might get some ideas re: recommended hardware for your specific requirements by having a chat with them and leverage their extensive experience in the area.
  3. tzlf


    You can try Linux.

    I'm using Ubuntu Linux as platfom for my forex trading system development. I run six PC as a cluster in my house for computing intensive task. Currently my system can get 0.7-0.9 pip profit per trade and generates hundreds of trades a day. With my experience, a PC running Linux can be up for months with out a single reboot.
  4. using Linux, what software do you use for graphing? Any source of technical help here?
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    If what you need is just a stable server side for the automated trading system, Linux can do the work well, but if you need graphic and charting, Linux is not a good choice, because most commercial charting softwares out there don't support Linux.

    For me, the major reason to use Linux is the cluster computing capability. I need a in house cluster of PCs to perform some computing intensive tasks for my automated trading system development.
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    tzlf, so you're not using linux for the charting side of things?
    or have you managed to get charting software that works?
  7. 1. If you are able to test a trading system correctly, you would have the ability to actually setup an in-house automation system.

    2. The fact that you are asking a question like above shows that you are not ready to put a system in live conditions.

    3. My suggestion is to stay away and read through the larger thread in this topic.
  8. tzlf


    I do charting on Linux with a private charting software written by myself in C++ and GTKMM. Currently the software is quite simple but it is enough for my personal use already. With a private charting software I can apply what ever weird ideas in my mind into visual chart and this helps me a lot in my system development.

    A snapshot of my charting software is attached to this message.
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    tzlf, do you know if this is possible in java also?
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