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    Anyone has information regarding websites which explain the trading system development & evaluation issues? Something like Chuck Le Beau's Traderclub?

    Thank you for your suggestions.
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    Thanks for the links. I am planning to attend Van's system development workshop in November. Any feedback about the workshop? Am I better off simply buying the home study course?
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    Thanks, dtrader98 for the link, it was a good one.

    Moreover, had browsed the net and found this site: - Small Business Reources, Business Advice...

    Further, searching this site for “Trading System Development“, I got a number of useful articles there.

    The direct search link url is given for your kind referral, as follows:

    Please let us have your opinion.

    However, the above articles are good. After reading them, I had wanted to see the charts, graphs and tables to have a better understanding. But, it seems that allbusiness has not included the same in the above articles. :(

    Hope some one has the rights or links or the re-prints to them, so that we can all benefit. Does someone have any information for the same, if so, please do pass them on. :)
  5. Reprints from Futures magazine cost about $5 per article individually. A cheaper source for Murray's articles is a compilation book called - Trading and Technology. He is reprinting the articles with Futures' permission. There are 120+ articles and the total cost is $69, which is a big savings.

    This book has been reviewed on ET at this link:

    I own the book and have found it useful. All of the articles are sorted by topic and level of the material, beginning material first in each chapter.
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    Welcome, mnkc. As regarding your above queries, I am not able to give much feedback. The Van are giving a free trial, hopefully that can help you. Moreover, as regarding home study material, you might lose out on guidance as you are on your own. Maybe an online course can help you out.

    Hope someone gives an opinion fast.

    Thanks, agtrader777, if the book has all that as per your statements plus the charts and figures, it is a real boon for people like us.

    Can you please guide me as to how we can purchase this book?
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