Trading sucks. Those dweebs started Youtube

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  1. less than 2 years ago and now GOOG is looking to buy them for huge money.

    Trading sucks.

    Medved just got paid millions for Quoteracker.

    Trading sucks.

    I'm gonna look for the next BIGG thing.

    Trading sucks.
  2. Maybe it is just you that sucks.
  3. lol
  4. Ok, so what is the next big thing?

    Theres a raft of crap ideas out there, that made it, and good ones that sank.
    Where would you start?
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    I think one of the sure bets for the near future is downloading movies to rent or buy instead of using Netflix or (God forbid) driving to Blockbuster. There should be a very large market for that service. There's already one site that's running tv ads, "Vongo" I think, but I haven't checked them out.

  6. Could be.

    Oh yeah, which one is you?

  7. Dudes, you know trading your own account for riches is 50,000,000 to one to strike it rich.

    All the smart guys are doing other shiite.

    You know this.

    Take the bs to raging bull.
  8. 1.6 billion. Now what were you doing 2 years ago?

    Did you make 1.6 billion in the interim?

    Then you suck. lol
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  10. Even if you are "handsome" you are one dumb gullible mofo.
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