Trading sucks, dont waste your time

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  1. Inveast for the long term, intrday trading consumes to much time, and is a brain drain, it stressfull and stress kills I am 45 and hanging up this index futures day trading.

    So long!

  2. Is that a pun ?
  3. forgot a stop?
  4. Hope you're doing well despite of being frustrated by the markets (sounds like you are). Take some rest, come back and just try something else. There's always something working in the markets... Good luck!
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    wow, u seem like a long timer. u have 2K plus posts which means atleast a couple of years spent and still no results. i think you should keep trying and u have to learn from your mistakes otherwise its no use.
  6. Trading is fine,

    LOSING is what sucks.
  7. So all your previous 'buy the dips' cheerleading was just as suspected - you bell end! :)
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    the market always techs us a lesson. some still believe that scalping eminis is viable ops in the long run without any substantial edge. by substantial, i mean something far beyond the ta stuff, something that differentiates you from the rest of crowd, either hi freq quant models, low latency algo black boxes, etc. the problem is people convince themselves they have an edge just because they have profitable p/l for a couple of months, out of say, pattern recognition. but then, all of the sudden, their pseudo patterns dont work anymore and they crash and burn pretty quick.

    live and learn.
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    Goodbye, mymini.
  10. Take care mini. If nothing else, your posts have entertained the group here.

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    ... another one bites the dust ...
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