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  1. Its not about technical analysis
    Its not about price action pattern
    Its not about fundamentals
    Its not about buy low sell high
    Its not about buy high sell higher
    Its not about reading the news.
    Its not about pyramiding
    Its not about money management

    Trading is multi dimensional, you never enter a trade just based on one reason, such as a triangle pattern
    You never enter a trade just because its fundamentals is good
    You never enter a trade just because its low, and you want to buy low.
    Its everything above.

    We see a lot of channel traders, lot of S/R traders, all of them are one dimensional, its equivalent to a boxer with one right hand, thats all he knows, but can he win with one right hand?

    To truely succeed as a brick mortar business, you must have a great marketing team, a solid product, the right market, and the right people to manage all this. Just like business, trading requires the same thing.

    Thats why trading is so hard, its hard to juggle multiple thought theories at the same time. thats what most traders must improve on.

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  3. Its not, learning how to do it well just takes a lot of time, effort and a proper mindset. Most people just lack at least one of these.

  4. Different strokes for different folks I guess as I think it's all about money management. A good trader could use darts for his entries.
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    You are right on with your thinking. Personally, I am a TA trader who uses fundamental analysis to further clarify/confirm my thinking and trades. Price analysis is also good for further clarification and confirmation. An all of an above approach makes a lot of sense.

    One thing I think is too bad is all the commenters on here who keep on saying it's impossible to trade, unless you're a fund. In short: wrong. Trading saved my life. As the guy above also said, it takes real time and commitment to build your foundation. Many people lose because they have to start making money right away. This is not the way to go. You should treat trading just like getting your bachelor's, advanced degree or learning a trade. You won't be good to begin with, but over time you'll improve to profitability.
  6. Timing is the most important dimension in any business regardless brickmortar or trading.

    Creative mp3 manfactuer made their mp3 players in 1998 , went nowhere.
    tablet manfactueres made tablets since 1995, went nowhere.

    tablet makers sell their goods in 2011, big sales because of the market (timing)
    mp3 player companies sell their goods in 2003, big sales because of the ipod market.

    without the right market aka right entry, the exact same production means nothing.


    with great timing, max position can be operated, without great timing (aka averaging down or money management) max position will result in ruiins.

    basic critiera = timing efficiency * capital * 0.%Risk = total bet.
    advanced criteria = timing efficiency * capital = total bet

    A good timing beats out even the mighty risk management.