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Discussion in 'Forex' started by ampu, Oct 8, 2003.

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    I`ve been demo trading the last two months using support/resistance levels, EMA 10, RSI and MACD with histogram. My results so far are quite good, i have robust signals who turn to be accurate. Is anyone there using this same indicators??
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    It seems i´m the only one getting good signals.....
  3. hopefullly you will be the only person looking at the market EXACTLY that way....then you will have a chance to make dough!
  4. Post some signals.
  5. it all depends on how you use those indicators as well.... I like to follow the trend, so I look for systems to get me in the trend and keeps me out or at least minimizes my losses during flat market.
  6. A journal would be even better. :D
  7. Also try to use bollinger bands and bulls powers and bear powers they are also helpful in trading and practice more and more in demo account to get better results in real account.
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    It sounds like you're using multiple indicators to provide confluence, which was a key turning point for me.

    I use S/R levels, 5-min 20EMA, and 1-min 20EMA and also get robust signals with high accuracy (above average win rate), but why be concerned about what anyone else is doing? Most here will tell you it can't be done or your edge will disappear. If you're decently profitable over at least 50 trades in demo, take the leap and see if you have the mindset to trade it live. :cool:
  9. As traders we;

    Buy at support, sell at resistance, and (most importantly of all) try to manage our trades correctly.
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    Try your system on real account for consistent period and then let us know about it. Sure there'll be much more attention drawn to your topic :)
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