Trading stuff over eBay

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  1. I just had a conversation with eBay, or after further thought, maybe it wasn't eBay and was some marketing company. But, its worth posting it here.

    Amanda Says: Hey wait! We hate to see you go. So we'd like to offer you a Discount Coupon for the Auction Success Kit. We have reduced the shipping price to only $1.84 (Normally $3.67). A 50% savings!

    Amanda Says: Please type 'HI' or 'HELLO' in the space below to let me know you are there...

    You: oh yeah

    Amanda Says: This is a limited time offer includes a Step-by-Step Quick Start Guide to start your own online business... no experience required.

    Amanda Says: Would you like the link back to the order page?

    You: yeah.. I know.. But, you don't say FREE if I have to pay for shipping using a CREDIT CARD of all things

    Amanda Says: We want to offer you the package free... we just ask that you pay the nominal fee of $1.84 for S&H.

    You: but, not using my CREDIT CARD at a shitty commerical site

    Amanda Says: Understandable, however a valid Credit Card is required to take advantage of this free trial. Also, at this time we are not able to accept C.O.D., Money Orders or Personal Checks.

    You: ah well.. I guess thats less people selling stuff at eBay then

    You: not even PayPal..?

    You: I have to use Credit CARD?

    Amanda Says: Starting your own online business has never been easier than it is today... and we can show you how!

    Amanda Says: The Auction Success kit, with your eBay for Dummies instant download provides detailed and easy to follow instructions to maximize profits with little known and proven strategies.

    Amanda Says: This is a limited time offer for the price of $1.84 that I am authorized to give you. CLICK HERE

    You: not to mention.. I have fradulent charges on my Credit Card for $3,000 just yesterday

    Amanda Says: Remember, over 724,000 Americans are making a living off eBay... and for $1.84 in shipping you can evaluate if this is something that might work for you! CLICK HERE to see if this program can work for you!

    You: FREE .. give it to me FOR FREEE like it says

    Amanda Says: We want to offer you the package free... we just ask that you pay the nominal fee of $1.84 for shipping and handling. It's a great offer, don't you agree?

    Amanda Says: For customer service, please feel free to call 800-231-8042 for any questions concerning your membership.

    You: not many people enjoy giving out there credit cards online all over the place for a mere payment of $1.84

    Amanda Says: Just so you know our site is FULLY encrypted using 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL), the highest level of protection.

    You: the risk isn't worth it.. I thought eBay had MBAs working for them.. even they could've figured this out..

    You: oh well.. go tell meg to stuff it

    Amanda Says: We also understand you want your private information kept private. That's why we promise never to resell or give out your contact information or email to anyone. Our privacy promise is just one of the reasons we're one of the most trusted names on the web.

    You: you know.. I could be a great addition to eBay

    You: are yall hiring? or can you direct me to a manager or something?

    Amanda Says: We'll give you a call.
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