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  1. Can you back test this?

    Trade only stocks in an uptrend as defined by 50ema>100ema>150ema.

    Buy when slow stochastic is giving a buy signal below 20 and hold till slow stochastic is giving a sell signal above 80.

    Stop is a reversal of the slow stochastic.

    If the trade is a loser then double your origional position,

    If the second trade is a loser then triple your origional position.
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    When you have a winner, go back to origional size and start the procedure over again.
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    yes. if you're talking daily charts, you have a 99% chance of going bust within 6 months.
  3. I,ve been using this strategy since Jan 15, and its showing a nice profit so far. thanks for the reply.
  4. =================================

    {Tradestation Code}

    Condition1 = XAverage(Close, 50) > XAverage(Close, 100) and XAverage(Close, 100) > XAverage(Close, 150)

    If Condition1 = True then Begin;

    OK... now what would you consider a Slow Stochastic Buy signal???

    SlowK moving above SlowD?

    What is the parameters for the Stochastic???

    C'mon... if you want people to backtest something, you need to give a clear and definite request.

    Stupid thread... once again...

    I wonder how the guy above gave you the reply it won't work...

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    because market in overal is trending can use any bs system in 1995-2000 market-they all will show you nice profits if you are, when stochastik fell below 20,sell when it's up to 70-80 and you will be rich man during those years :D :D
    trading is so simple, right?
  6. Bob 111e

    Exactly my point.

    For what its worth the buy signal is generated when fast %K crosses above slow %D and (5,5).
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    my point is that if market turns opposite-you will start losing your money. as i said before-everything works, if you long on rising market. learn from 2000,when everyone is guru and every housewife is making thousands by buying AMZN on split from home. where are they now?
    go get Wealth-Lab trial,get data from yahoo for free and test you idea. i hope 30 days of trial will be enough to realize, where you will finish your game.
    hope this helps:)
  8. I only trade when moving averages are uncrossed. This keeps me in when market is rising and out when the trend changes
  9. Check this journal out.

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    Would have lost money for ES continuous contract from 2/2001.

    It has Profit factor of 0.72 only, winning %ge of 60%.

    ROA is about -93.89%

    Tradestation Code

    inputs: Length( 5 ), OverSold( 20 ), Overbought(80) ;
    variables: oFastK( 0 ), oFastD( 0 ), oSlowK( 0 ), oSlowD( 0 ) ;

    Value1 = Stochastic( H, L, C, Length, 3, 3, 1, oFastK, oFastD, oSlowK, oSlowD ) ;

    Condition1 = XAverage(Close, 50) > XAverage(Close, 100) and XAverage(Close, 100) > XAverage(Close, 150);

    if CurrentBar > 2 and oSlowK crosses over oSlowD and oSlowK < OverSold and Condition1 = true then

    Buy ( "Buy" ) next bar at market ;

    if CurrentBar > 2 and oSlowK crosses under oSlowD and oSlowK > OverBought then

    Sell ( "Sell" ) next bar at market ;
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