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  1. Hello, I have post in december some of my daytrading strategies to sell and I still got 2 of them. One that can make around 60k a years with a 300k buying power and the other one that can make around 200K a years with a buying power of 200k. For the first one i also have a Api system that will come with it. You have to be able to take a 5k loss in one day. For the second you have to be able to take a loss of 10k in a day with 1000 shares and the drawdown for 2008 is 9%. You can also trade it with less shares to begin and take smaller loss or profit. Or you can also trade them with more shares if you have the backup to make it! I sell those 2 strategies because i will retired from trading so i sell the first one 5k with 20% of the profit for the 2 next years and the second one 10k and 20% of the profit for the 2 next years. I will go make a surf trip in south america but i dont want to care about those.. If i get paid each month after one years i will probably put money with you to take more shares for the second years..

    P.S. I already know that my english suck! It is not my first language...
    Thx to understand!
  2. BSAM


    I'm thinking of bidding 25 cents.
    Anyone think it's worth more?
    Please advise.