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  1. Hello i am a daytrader that want to retired and want to sell all the diffenrent strategy that i have learn and product. I have 5 diffenrent strategy's that make around 5k per month to 1 million per month. I have look with a bank to put a price on them and they told me to ask 20% of the money it can make in one years. Some of those strategy's need to be automated so you will have to invest from 2k for one of them to 50k for the hardest one to automated. For the biggest strategy you will need 15 millions buying power and for the smallest one you will need 300k buying power. If you need a programmer I have one that can make the job for you and he is really confidential. To keep those strategy working well i will only sell each of them one time. All those strategy are making around: 1. 60k a years 2. 200k a years 3. 14 millions a years, have to invest in automated system.. 4. can change depending of the number of shares you want to take.. it work well with 100 share a day to 105000 shares a day.. with 5000 shares it have give over 1 millions for 2008. 5. same of the number 4 but have make over 2millions with the same number of shares.. Reply only if you are a serious investor please..thx All strategy are for daytrading on NYSE and NASDAQ.
  2. Besides your make believe strategy for sale I am surprised you even have the brain capacity to turn on a computer.
  3. time to get an new banker :)

    if the systems really do generate the stated level of return (a big if), then why not just trade the systems for another 4-5 months instead of selling them for 20% of the annual returns? That way to get your 20% + keep the systems for future trading without diluting your edge.

    something doesnt add up... but it may just be me. :)
  4. OP, can you translate your post into English.

    Thank you.
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  6. I would want the one that makes 14 mil a year but I dont want to be greedy so I have dibs on the 200k a year one. If there is one that does about 2 mil a year I could go for that one instead.
  7. First sorry for my english it is not my first language.... And in second if you want to know why i am not putting all those strategy's in robot, is that if i do this i will have to stay in front of my computer again, because even if you automate a strategy you always have to be there. You have to be there to look at exceptional factor that can bug your bot.. I have also to say that they are more technical strategy's then charting strategy's. I mean by this that in majority they are more working with lvl 2 data and T&S.. And that's why it is hard to make a fully automated bot! You always have to be there if there is false print or pumper.. It would be a seriously huge huge programming job to make this fully automated. For people who know well daytrading i have trade Millenium, pumping, bid&offer, shake with low or hight print and different charting strategy also.. All those different strategy are not to sell here because there is too many people that are trading them and you will not take a lot of profit with those.. Millenium and pumping can still great but for a beginner you will need huge nut's for small profit.. I will still look at your reply. Thx
  8. He's writing from his South African multiple scam center, so you need to cut'em some slack.

    LOL :p
  9. I am interested, would you agree with $1 advance fee and the rest when I am sure your system works ?

  10. That's not fair of you , increasing my bid after 3 minutes with 100 % :(
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