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    Trading strategy for Mon-Fri Sept 17-21
    Special daytrading strategy notes: available at

    Hi all, here's my thoughts re playing gap trades long for this coming week. After careful consideration, I must concur with the sentiment that shorting in the current market is morally wrong, so I will not do this, rather waiting instead for bounces as they may occur this coming week.

    Shorting and donating a part to charity doesn't seem right/enough, I am encouraging all of us to trade long if and when the signals present themselves.

    As traders, I would like to see us do our part to rebuild America's financial and consumer confidence.

    For what it's worth, I have documented my thoughts on how I will be trading this coming week, with a chart pattern example, I hope the ideas are useful for all of you:

    I believe the market will be volatile and challenging, and caution folks that this should be for experienced traders only, the next week on wall street.

    fwiw, I plan on donating a lot to the relief agencies and others in the weeks ahead, I'm too old (37) for active / reserve duty, so at least I can help financially.

    Best wishes traders,


    p.s. sorry if my 'shoot osama' game page offends some, most of the response (and 25686+ hits in 48 hours) has been positive. like o'reilly, I'm a straight shooter. Semper fi.
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    Ken- thanks alot- this good--very good. Not real sure if I'll be trading. From what you're proposing I may not be ready. Super enjoyed your shooter game. It's great fun.
  3. You couldn't put your info, which is playing a common gap, in your post? You had to post a link to advertise your site that is subject to a disclaimer???
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    Hi Tradewinds, I didn't intend for it to look like a common gap play, I added 5-6 specific TA entry points that I thought would be helpful to illustrate to traders using the detailed, annotated chart pattern. I didn't mention the name of my site in the post, my thoughts are with doing what I can to help the trading community right now.

    I use annotated charts to more clearly explain the entry criteria, as I did in my Active Trader article this month. Disclaimers are standard to post for all stock sites, I believe.

    One strategy I found helpful in my first couple of years was to heavily papertrade/experiment with a variety of trading techniques and integrate "what seemed to work best"... so, I like using 2-day breakouts/breakdowns and fibo retracement bounces for daytrades, and 10-day channels for swing trades.

    Hope that helps! :)

    All the best,


    I agree with Baron, who posted:

    "Small men talk about other people,
    Mediocre men talk about things,
    Great men talk about ideas."
    -Albert Einstein

    Let us all aspire to be great from this point forward.
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    just wanted to say thanks for doing that for us.

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    Tradewinds, I couldn't agree more. I thought all these posts camouflaged as "info" but with the sole real intent of selling some "stuff" weren't gonna be allowed any more??
  7. Ken owns a business. There's nothing wrong with indicating such as long as the bulk of the post is good info. Personally I want to know what org someone may be representing or what business they may own when they post here. I can better evaluate the context of the post, and the validity of the info presented. Also, i become aware of the existence of the businesses and org's, that I might otherwise have not known about.

    Nick, lighten up fella. You don't have all the answers.

    Bucky Lee

    "It hurts to be me"
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    Well, let's agree to disagree about what constitutes "good info".

    A normal gap play in my book is really the most basic stuff around, and what's all that about not going short.:eek:

    We traders or what?

  9. Nick,

    The tone of your posts seems to suggest you don't like Ken. Is this true? And may I ask why?

    Bucky Lee
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    As per my record on this site I'm usually the first to bust a salesman.. Tradewinds and Nick we all know who Ken is-During these most extraordinary times I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt-that the man is acting from his heart. Nick how surprised can you possibly be with the no short decision? You seen it discussed over and over on this site. Why are you so surprised with Ken's decision??????????? Ken please continue to post your valuable info on ET.
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