trading strategy for sale

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  1. will double your money in 1-3 month ,easy to use,for forex ,probably aplicable to other markets too(don't trade them ,so don't know)
    just 9.999$
  2. is there a 30 day money back guarantee :D
  3. kewl...1c discount, how nice of u, for a system that make sure u blow out 50% of u acct. in no time.

    keep up da very good work and u uniquely high ethical standards.

  4. I am very interested in you system
    Can u give me a 2 dollar discount so that i can drink coffe and a bagel while i blow my account the 3 time :D
    Also can u give me 15 days credit to pay:p
  5. we can test it real time

  6. no,i am not that stupid:D
  7. think again..[if u can]
  8. oh man,you can be rich in no time,for 9,999 it's already bargain
  9. i need this money for only one reason - i am going to trade it my self
  10. Mr double
    Can u send me you
    SS #
    Tel #
    So that i can wire u the money :D
    I have a account in Banking Enron Financial ,s
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