Trading Strategies with Prop Firms

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    Hi All,

    I 've been paper trading the last several months and recently moved into real trading. Now I'm interested in applying for a prop firm but I need to know how they typically operate.

    I have my own proven strategies that generate consistent profits and manage risk very strictly. Would most prop firms that bring me on board allow me to trade with my own unique strategies or do I have to trade according to their trading strategies/styles (i.e. scalping a blue chip stock)?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. If you can show me it is proven, I will give you money to trade.
  3. It sound like you have not been trading real money for very long. That is a concern.

    Check out How to become an equity trader working for a Proprietary Trading Firm
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    To be exact I've been paper trading for 6 months and real trading for 4 months. Profits throughout this entire time frame have been consistent and when trades go against me, my losses are minimal.

    In addition, prior to paper trading I have spent over a year analyzing the market and refining the strategies.

    All in all, I just want to know whether prop firms allow traders to use their own strategies.


  5. most do.
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    That isn't a bad site at all for begs.