Trading strategies for Jobs report Thursday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KCalhoun, Mar 25, 2020.

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    How are you going to trade after tomorrow morning's 8:30am jobs report?

    Here's my strategy:

    I will start trading premkt after the numbers are out. If SPY goes up I'll scale into TQQQ & SVXY. If down, which I expect, I'll enter TVIX VXX SQQQ.

    Note there's often an initial quick reaction that reverses by 8:40 so I won't trade size til after that time.

    Best wishes for profits. I call bs on this latest 2day dcb bull trap, I expect massive selling to continue within a week. I'm rebuying inverses like TVIX SQQQ VXX SOXS etc on any 2day high breakouts
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  2. I am long SH (same as shorting spy). I hope I don't get stopped out.
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  3. U know Job report already priced in right? Even we have 10 millions unemployed... Doesn't mean shit
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    Some is priced in, true - but there will still be a tradable reaction. The question is how far will markets rally or selloff. Futures price action tonight is initial attempt to forecast
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    We know it's already bad, so how do you think the markets will react? Amplify that with an inept bunch of villagers on the Hill, and this is a good basis to take it down.
  6. I bought 2628 shares of SPXS. I bought it near end of today's regular trading hours @ 19.125.

    I'm worried about the stimulus vote moving things in the opposite direction, though.
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    Stimulus rally is done. Priced in with recent rallies Tues and today.
  8. ok. Then good I didn't get my limit order filled just now before after market closed.

    I set it, then it kept moving around so it didn't fill. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and say f*ck it see what happens.
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    Yeah, don't chase it. It will come to you.
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    It is not a "jobs report" That comes out next Friday. (The NFP number).

    This is the initial unemployment claim number. And I do not think algos have it priced in...Not really, because we are still awaiting the senate bill to be voted on and signed by Trump. A whirlwind of chaos will ensue! Maybe go long the VIX?
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