trading stocks without news

Discussion in 'Trading' started by schonfeld_trade, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. When we trade stocks, most of them will have no breaking news during the day or before the opening. How can we trade them? My question is how we can judge the stock trend at that moment.

    Just bring an example: COF

    There is no breaking news in this stock yesterday. How can you judge the trend of this stock?

    my personal judgement:
    1) S&P future
    2) sector trend
    3) leader of sector

    Is this enough?

    But it is not always follow them, how can do next?

    TA? absolutely, we have to use TA. By using the TA, I can catch the trend, I bought it around 9:45am. But I was shaked out at 9:55am because the pulling down is too big and I don't have confidence that the stock can still go up. How can I avoid not to be shaked out at that time?

    Thanks very much. I really need this help.
  2. recent news is important. reaction to news after the fact. reaction to the original reaction, too. (i.e. a sell off after a runup).

    When COF failed to sell off after the Fitch downdgrade, I should have had the sense to buy it.