Trading stocks with the 15 min chart

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  1. Using the 200 sma as a mechanical entry and exit, I will put 100 shares of CSCO up for trading the 15 min chart.

    An alternative exit will be a trendline break.

    I reserve the right to subjectively intervene at any time. :) But unless obviously necessary, doing so defeats the purpose of this exercise.

    The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate real time the profit and loss opportunities of trading using very simple techniques.

    Entries, reversals, and exits will be posted. No charts will be posted.

    If you wish to contribute please do so. Off-topic posts, foul language, etc., will be deleted.
  2. Brother inandlong,

    I think you should put this real-time journal in the Journals section...

    Good luck on the journal, anyway...

  3. monkey


    are you going to make actual trades or is it an exercise?
  4. I thought about journal, but it really isn't about me or my trading. And for the off-color stuff that gets posted, Magna doesn't need one more headache from another journal.

    Monkey, these will be real trades. we are just talking 100 shares per, which isn't a whole lot of money. Demonstrations are so much better when done real time. They remove all what if's. And they include the emotion of being in, regardless of the mechanical measures.

    Also, these can be publicly managed. I don't care. The point is to demonstrate a simple method of stock trading real time with real money. I'll be using an IB account so commish is $1 each way, and thus not a factor.

    I see CSCO is the closer of the two candidates to generating a trade. Btw, I am willing to use different stocks, or at least take on one more. Please pre-screen any suggestions by looking at the 15 min chart with a 200 period sma on it and determine subjectively that there is nice deviation.
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    What about posting it in realtime in the chatroom, then copying the text into this "journal." ?

  6. That is a great idea nitro. Thanks! I'll do it.
  7. Thanks FPC.

    What a great article. It really says a lot. I have no doubt that a mechanical price-crossing-average method as larry measured it will not be a winner. I think there are better candidates than others. Measuring a strategy by measuring an index of 500 stocks doesn't make sense to me. It implies that all candidates are equal. We can see just by the beta that all candidates are not equal.

    Another point Larry makes that I think is a bit thin is his reference to the VIX. Essentially then, from his article, he didn't make money before the VIX. Or only since the VIX is there a chance to make money. Naaaah, I don't believe that because I make money and don't use the Vix.

    So we will see how well CSCO and GE trade using the aforementioned methods.
  8. Short 100 CSCO 16.50 at 1330
    Long 100 CSCO 16.54 at 1345 -.04
    Short 100 CSCO 16.42 @ 1415 -.16
    Carrying short O/N. No after hours trading.
  9. CSCO looks to open about 20 cents higher which puts the price over the 200 sma on the 15 min chart. The close of the first 15 minute bar will tell the story for the next trade.

    Edit: Still short after first bar closed 1 cent above the sma. I blow those off as non-events. At least give me a tick or two of commitment.
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