trading stocks vs. currencies

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pro101, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Hi all: I've been trading stocks for many years but never ventured into FX trading. I hear people making a lot of money on good bets, but the rationale for trading currencies has me confused.

    * currencies do not move as much as stock prices do. When a currency doubles in relative value it's a rare event and it takes 5+ years to happen (even the $/EUR, took 8 years). Stocks in comparison, can double or even triple within a much shorter period of time.

    * currency and stock movements are roughly equally predictable.

    * you can buy stocks and currencies on the margin with the same leverage and risk.

    So, why would one go for FX trading over stocks? When is FX more rewarding, at the same level of risk, leverage and market knowledge?