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  1. I wrote this because I didn’t follow my rules, regarding trading. Why, because I haven’t committed them to paper there are just floating around in my head. So now I am in the process I giving them life and power.

    I came up with this Trading Statement because I wanted something that I could read each day to keep me focused.

    Please feel free to add to, take away, blast away, what ever your heart desires.

    Remember your beliefs will express themselves in some part of your life, so be careful what you believe.




    I am in this business because I want to create the freedom that profitable trading can provide. I have a specific set of rules that I follow to determine when to be in the market.

    I know if I follow these rules consistently I will create the freedom that I desire. Every time I follow my rules I am making the decision to move towards my goals.

    I also realize that this is just a business and not my whole life. I must have balance in my life. Trading is secondary to my family and friends. I will not equate my self worth to my net worth.

    The discipline I lack in my life will express itself in my trading. If I hesitate or miss a signal I will not force an entry, I will release any attachment to that trade and wait for the next setup.

    I will not see mistakes as failures I will see then as guard rails keeping me on my path to success.

    I see this as a journey up to a green magnificent mountain with a sow capped peak. I am walking up a gently sloping path to the top. One step at a time.

    Bruce Hawkins
  2. I think the mission statement is a great step forward but I think your obsession with adult female hogs may be your downfall. :eek:
  3. Admirable of you to share that statement here.
  4. I forgot to mention I am a hillbilly at heart.

    Vanna can I have an "n" please.


  5. gnome


    "Take a shot.*" "Place a stop."

    * at something reasonable
  6. maxpi