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  1. Where can you get charts for the SSF's, QQQ futures in particular? Doesn't have to be realtime as I will trade off the underlying or NQ, it's just to see which contracts are the most active(so volume data would be helpful).
    I have been away for a while so I wouldliketo know whether since their launch, liquidity has improved or worsened on the QQQ futures and the likes of INTC, AMAT,NVLS, KLAC,QLGC,XLNX etc.? Does anyone know when SPY futures are coming?
  2. off at a price to your liking is to place a limit order and wait for it to be hit.

    I am disappointed by the volume in the SSF's ...

    and the spreads remain a little wider than I would like .
  3. i think volume got worse for many contracts, only
    the big ones (MSFT,INTC) manages to improve a bit.

    definetly not useful for intraday trading

  4. I'm looking forward to the narrow based indices SSF's..hopefully they'll get more vol than the stock SSF's
  5. help!
    Does anyone know a website with realtime quotes and/or charts(snapshot is OK) for QQQ futures? And what's the system for the symbol?

    There is very little in fo on these products, no wonder liquidity is ho hum. What's the best contract to trade now for a 2 week hold maybe more, February or March?

  6. ewile


    This link will take you to a page with information on every SSF. This is the NQLX futures, there's a link at the bottom of the page of the one chicago products.

    The dia ssf (one chicago) has had some OK volume (relative to the other ssf's but that isn't saying alot)

    I've been watching different ssf's sometime using Interactive Brokers and Quotetracker.
  7. Thanks that will help