Trading someone's account?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by econometrics, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. hello, i am working in the back office of an investment bank in asia. my work is mostly accounting on fixed income products and i really dont have insider info.

    i wanna daytrade the nyse and compliance will not let me since i work for a bank.

    do you see any problems if i ask a friend in canada to open an account with a prop firm, say golden, and i nighttrade it in asia?

    please advise.
  2. Will you get caned if your found out?
  3. if i am found out, yes, but really how will they find out
  4. personally I fear being hit with large wooden sticks, but this sounds like a good test of your risk tolerance
  5. aren't those the famous last words of all guilty persons !? LOL
  6. BallBag


    Because I'm going to tell them.
  7. Just open an account with a prop firm in Asia. Most so-called prop firms in Asia don't require license and so no record in US.