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    I am a rookie trader, and I am wanting to get some software to help with my day trading. I would really like something so I can set up prices and have stock buy/sell at a set price. I would also like something that will scan for stocks to see movement. I know that old fashioned research is a very good way to start and I have been doing so, but I would also like to have some software recommended.

    I also have TD Ameritrade, and I have access to Thinkorswim as well as TD Architect. Would either one of those be useful for the things I am wanting to use software for?

    Thanks in advance
  2. If you have TD Ameritrade, I recommend you take a look at their QuoteTracker software which has a much cleaner interface than Thinkorswim.

    In terms of stock screening software, I recommend you check out one called StockVision which lets you run highly customized scans for stock movement and shows you what kind of strategies have been working well in the current market conditions.
  3. TC2000 by Worden is a good scanner for beginners.
  4. broberts

    broberts is also very good for building a customized screener for stocks. It allows you to filter by fundamentals, technicals, or a combination of both. I find it very useful for pre and post market homework.

    Also, as far as scanning intraday for volume, etc., I would suggest madscan. It is very good at picking up unusual movement in names very quickly.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck on your trading journey!