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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CoveredCalls5, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hello all, I was wondering if you all could help me find some software that is equivalent to TradeSeeker. My friend uses TradeSeeker because his dad went to a conference and Got it, And I can't find out how to get it anywhere online. Basically it had a whole bunch of options to look for certain stocks of your own Criteria off of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, And scanned non-stop when on. I watched him use it and it is very impressive.

    Anyone know of software that could do a search on Technical and Fundamental Analysis? Thanks alot guys
  2. Spunky


    Sorry to hear about your friend. If he has TradeSeeker, then he must have got scammed by Teach Me To Trade.

    Didn't the gov indict these people last fall?
  3. Ok then if its a scam then give me a reference to some software that works like TradeSeeker and isn't a scam
  4. anarcho


    trade-ideas. check software forums for URL and feedback.