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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Agent Smith, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. hello all,
    I have recently started looking into types of software that can be used for of those is metastock pro...i 'm not here to advertise so please no bashing.....the price of the software rightnow is 1300 _ plus a monthly fee of about most you might be chump change but ot to me. Looking to get a software that would allow me to scan intraday charts fo good setups. Apparently all the that this is an awesome software...However i want to know if any of you outhere are CURRENTLY using the software.....and also would you suggest getting there addin plugins
    I want to get iinto trading fully but need to start the right way.
    Please assist with any input:
    1.) does the software allow intraday scanning?
    2.) What add ons would you recommend?
    3.) would consider another program that equals or is better than meta pro 10? but is also less than 1k..
    Any non bashing comments are welcome...Thank you...
    and may you ALL kick ass tomorrow.
  2. Not familiar with metastock.

    For scanning I heard good things about

    It may be a partial solution.

    Good luck