Trading Software which has strong and easy programming language

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  1. Hi.
    I need to write some complicated trading ideas to spot good stocks. I find it I couldn't do it in Metastock.

    Could anyone recommend any trading software which:
    - has strong and easy programming langauge
    - it would be great if it can read directly from Metastock-formated files

    Thank you!
  2. Sorry, I don't know much about real computing langauge - C++ / C# :confused:

    What I refer is just langauges with more useful functions used in, say, Excel, or other easy language. Simple but quite powerful.

    Any recommendation?
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  4. Easylanguage is among easiest, while has highest support of all proprietary languages, second options would be Amibroker or wealth-lab

    I recommend start out first with Easylanguage as non programmers , excel macro language is much harder to learn even knowing easylanguage before (did myself)

    Forget C#, it can be beyond your imagination how hard it can be...You need to master any language knowing in & outs before you can code any complicate trading project
  5. Easylanguage?
    Do you mean the programming language of Tradstation?

    I've once learnt C++. I've spent about half a month and I' still unable to create something meaningful. :(
  6. - Yes

    -Forget it, you don't need it now, and just 20% what you learn from C++ can relate directly to your trading, be awere of all wasted effort

    I know little about C languages, but read many places that C++ is easier to learn and still much faster than C# for trading
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    Can you print "Hello World!" at least. :D

    Let do abstraction, you give the complex part to professional software engineer and you do the easy part. That's exactly Tradestation does, they handle the complex part and give you an interface to do the easy part. That interface can understand a language that everyone can learn quickly and globally known, not a home-made one, which is EasyLanguage.

  8. Not really wanting to get into an argument this morning.

    I used to use easylanguage (tradestation, probably the answer for your tests except I don't think it does portfolios well - please correct me if wrong as my experience is based on ts2000i). Amibroker might be better for portfolios - very inexpensive too.

    I used ensignsoftwares scripting language - not too bad but harder than "easy"language. Good program but Ami might be better for end of day tests (cheaper).

    I never learnt C or C++ but by using examples from SierraChart's example files I learnt a tiny tiny bit of C and that was enough. I've now written 1000s of lines but they all use the same simple stuff you'd use with easylanguage - just the C++ versions of it. You don't have to learn C (and all the windows handling, file handling, etc etc complexity) to program with it as part of an integrated experience like SierraChart. So C++ (same as C in my case) can be an easy experience too.
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    We have the language reference available for version 1.3.6 as long as you are logged into the site. You can register on the site for free . Registering on the site will also will let you view all the tutorials including my opening range breakout free chapters.

    Here is the link for the 1.3.6 language reference, 2.0 will be available in the week or two on the site. The new version has even more features.
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