Trading software that did not crush this month

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    I have been having software issues lately. Now they are better with regular volume (not in volume spikes though), but in last week's high-volatility and volume conditions it was awful!

    Bad quotes, slow to login, no charts, no L2 data etc etc etc

    Any recommended software that you experienced/heard doing very well during these past weeks? Or was everything lagging and failing?
  2. I can report that Open ECry's software has not missed a beat through all this. And if it had, ET would have lit up with complaints.

  3. xtrader for futures
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    Add CQG IC to the list...
  6. Yep. They offer a demo, so I would check it out. Data and platform free to live accounts, which is nice. If you need more charting options, can plug their data into MultiCharts and others so at least save the data cost each month.
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    Ok thanks guys!

    So just to confirm, because it sounds like a dream to me, you guys had low or none latency in quotes and execution via those recommended platforms from August 3 till today?

    If yes, I need to try some new toys asap
  8. Schwab's StreetSmart Pro was actually VERY stable all through last week's volatility. It's also a bonus if you happen to live out on the West Coast, cause their quote servers are in Phoenix.... which means low latency.
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    Did you switch to streetsmart edge--looks like a better platform?
  10. OEC has been fine -- knock on wood.

    I can't recall the last outage on OEC and like I said, when there is one, ET will light up w/ complaints and nothing comes to mind in recent memory.
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