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  1. I found this: but it's ten years old.

    I'm looking for a trading software program that can connect to a PostgreSQL database, and allows you to script your own indicators, candlestick charts, and watchlists. I don't need data, real time or otherwise, I have data in an sql database.

    I search for technical analysis software, and either it is geared towards institutions, or it doesn't fit my needs, or web based, or it's stuff I could do with python.
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    Would a Rithmic or CTS-T4 or TT API help?
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    What are your other requirements besides a SQL database as a data source?
  4. Sort of like, thinkorswim, but instead of using Ameritrade data I'd use my own. But it doesn't need all the scanning and backtesting, ondemand stuff. Just pure charting. I have data, and I can analyse this data, it's just I don't want to go through the trouble of creating charting software when there probably is something already available. Yea, I could just go to yahoo, but then there might be errors in my data that I would never see. Looking at OHLCV data in csv format, you'd have to have inhuman skills to see errors.

    Yea, there's matplotlib, but that doesn't do stock data very well. I suppose if there was another python module/library that would be acceptable as well.
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    Another option is to write a python utility to export your SQL data to CSV and then find an off the shelf charting application you like that supports CSV.
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    Do some google on Amibroker. Not a programmer or tech guy so not sure how SQL works/is.

    Quick google on Amibroker/SQL turned up lots of forum topics/official info. They have an ASCII importer I’ve used plenty of times to import data in whatever configuration I wanted. Many programmers on the forum are always building their own custom plug in/scripts to do whatever they need.
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  8. I had forgotten about, I don't know why, but that seems to be my best option for now.

    I really don't care for amibroker. The guy really should have open sourced it 20 years ago, then it might have had a chance to be something interesting.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open.
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    We could set up a data source that would allow you to backfill charts in Medved Trader ( from a SQLite database. If you like, contact us after the 4th and we will see what we can do.