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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by codetroll, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hey it's like 2:00am here and I can't sleep..thinking about money and researching stuff.

    I trade currently with QuoteTracker via TDAmeritrade, but some of the research I've come across I don't know (I think the answers are "no") can be done in QuoteTracker.

    For instance:

    1.) Can QT measure out Fibonacci lines or for that mater give any length measurement on a line drawn?

    2.) Does QT have the ability to draw out Fib. Pivot Ranges or Extensions off of let's say another line (ABC type pattern)

    3.) Trading Gartley type patterns out of the question due to #1 question?

    4.) Can QT draw out floor pivots or any kind of pivot point and place it on the chart?

    5.) Can QT automatically measure out swing high / swing lows ?

    I'll stop here as most of those questions are in some way interrelated.

    Maybe a time to switch to a more complex software package?

    If so, any recommendations that would go a long with my broker without too much of a hassle?

    I tried NinjaTrader, but I hated 2 things.

    1.) It didn't seem to have as many indicators as QT.

    2.) I didn't like the charting end of it from the standpoint where I couldn't "zoom out" to see a historical viewpoint of lets say 10 days. It allowed me to "scroll through" 10 days, but not at a birds eye view.

    Maybe I wasn't using NinjaTrader properly? Or maybe I have to pay to get full/better service?

    Any suggestions, answers, comments would be more than welcome on this subject.

    Thanks again!

    -troll :)

    I'm more of a chartist (patterns, p&f, etc.) than an automated trading guy. I use only a few indicators, if that, I mostly have them there just to look at.
  2. Regarding NinjaTrader

    There are many indicators available for download on the support site, try a search or post an inquiry for a specific indicator.

    You can “Zoom Out” by grabbing the time scale with your mouse and dragging to the left.

    You will get quick answers if you post your questions on the Ninja support forum.