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  1. I am using a Macintosh as my Main system. I was looking for software that anyone can reccomend that works on OSX platform. I was looking for suggestions as to what people have used on Mac Platform. Any help.. would be appreciated..

  2. WHY?
  3. Well, Mac's have a stable platform. I do alot of Film work.. Editing & such.. So, I have come to rely on my Macs. I used to have 5 pc's in the same room.. But, I haven't used them in the last two months. So, I sold them.. :D
  4. Why not get a PC for your trading and keep all your other stuff on your Mac. Most of the high end trading software is PC only. Besides, PCs and memory are cheap now.

  5. If you really want to do it the hard way, go to and check out the open source stuff available.

    most of it should compile w/ gcc (and numerous tweaks to the makefiles).

    Honestly, it will be cheaper in terms of your time to just buy another pc.
  6. Yes, I have been looking for awhile now.. I guess I will have to break down and build another PC again... I thank you all for the info.. Well, off to Fry's I go... I will just build another server on Windows platform... Just to have on the side..

    Thanks Again for the immediate response...

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    IB will work well with a Mac.
  8. Banjo

    This is what most serious trader macheads use. They're nice charts. Never used them myself but traded with some heavy hitters who used avids in the film biz, hence the mac affiliation.
  9. What you want is BeeSoft's ProTA Gold, similar in functionality to MetaStock and Tradestation. I sent them an email, they said the OS X version is entering beta testing this month and should probably be released commercially first quarter 2003.

    It seems to be a small company, so they're open to suggestions, bug fixes, and improvements - unlike the lack of response I always got dealing with the Tradestation guys.

    I found BeeSoft through this link on MacCentral, which details quite a few different apps, some of which are dead links, sadly...

    Also, there's always the online java-based apps, like ProphetCharts, which is good, and mostly free, if I remember correctly.

    At worst, use VirtualPC or SoftWindows to run Windows apps on your Mac until the companies port their software over. If you NEED Metastock or the like, write Equis! They don't know you want a Mac version unless you tell them!
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