Trading Software & Mac OS X Lion...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Spit, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Spit


    Anyone tried compatibility with trading software? Lion should be released tomorrow.

    Interested in Think or Swim and Interactive Brokers mainly.
  2. Check out investor RT.

    It's a really good piece of kit and the programming language is quite simple.
  3. rdlsmith


    I've been using ToS in Paper Money Mode and in On Demand Mode and some live mode use.

    I'm very impressed with it. The opportunity to have true simulation of the market or against a point in time of the market is a great educational tool, not to mention fun.

    You also asked about Lion and I haven't tried that yet but I can tell you that a new update for Java is out. ToS is a Java based application.

    Best practice should probably be to wait for 1.1 or even a later release of Lion. Let someone else QA the product.
  4. I think StockVision will work fine with OS X Lion. Great scanner made by a longtime mac user.
  5. ToS will work fine on Lion