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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by almostatrader, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm shopping for some trading/charting software to start out with and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend something. The features that I'm looking for are as follows:
    -works with data from IB
    -has a playback ability to simulate trading with intraday tick files
    -good programming language to backtest trading systems and ideas
    -relatively inexpensive (<$100 a month)

    I've tried Ensign Internet and it's not too bad, however it won't work with the data from IB. Is there anything else that is similar to Ensign? Does anyone have some used software that they want to sell that would meet my needs?
  2. From what I understand--& it could be wrong--you can't really use IB's data feed as source of historical data. So if you're looking for anything more than streaming quotes & charts a few mins long, IB won't work as a data source.

    For a relative cheap, reliable service w/ charting, I'd go with eSignal. Also I've heard good things about TC2000 in terms of utility/$'s.

    I don't know A LOT about either provider, but you can go to their websites. HTH. :)
  3. Thanks BobbyMurcerFan for your help. I checked both TC2000 and Esignal out and they were pretty good. I also found Neoticker last weekend. It's a little complicated to figure out at first but the more I learn about it the more I like it. It uses the inexpensive data from IB as well.
  4. Neoticker worked fine yesterday with the IB datafeed. I think it may be a recent addition from them.
  5. How many days of historical intraday data do you have using the IB feed?
  6. toby400


    None...doesn't backfill....thats why some traders combine IB for the days trading and use mytrack for historical data/backfilling.

    So in Ib's case you need to keep your PC switched on from open to close to use the intraday data.

    Of course, for a little extra you could use Mytrack data feed for both intraday trading and historical data.

    Hope this helps.
  7. tx Toby. I am a myTrack user. I just asked because of almostatrder's previous post which seemed to imply that he had historical intraday data using ib+neoticker
  8. Thats true, Interactive Brokers doesn't give you historical data. However Neoticker will allow you to import historical data files. I think you can save your own intraday files as well with Neoticker but I'm not sure yet, I've only started to use their software.
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    I read somewhere that it is possible to set up ensign with a IB data feed. You need metaserver for that, you can use their demo (just 2 quotes) for free. But untill now i don't know how to set this thing up.
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