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  1. why do some trading software charge like $700/month and while others are like $50/month?

    x-trader charges like $800/month?
  2. Because they can and traders are willing to pay the price asked.

    You can always use a broker with a free platform. Or use a free 3rd party or open source platform.
  3. there is a reason it's $800/month for x-trader

    just want comments.

    professional and corporate clients pay more for data and software. i was wondering it means $800/month you can setup multiple stations..
    the $50/month is only for one trader.

    if you read the data agreement in can only allow one trader accessing the data..additional traders pay more. and reselling the real time data without permission is not allowed.

    financial websites and hedge funds pay big bucks for data from the's not free data

  4. In my experience, a lot depends on what you need or perceive as value. Prior to moving to Open ECry I was using T4 that charged up to $500/mo. That was JUST for the trading platform. I still needed charts and data on top of that. And at that time, I was happy w/ the setup even though costly.

    Now I run everything through Open ECry which gives free data and charts to live accounts. It may not have everything that some need, but there's a lot of flexibility with OEC as well since you can plug their data into other charting platforms.

    In the end, you gotta find what works for you and your trading style.
  5. isn't that a big difference in price...there must be reason to pay more isn't it.

  6. For what I needed, OEC had what I need and it's free to live accounts. I'm not saying that T4 was over priced or that OEC is 'cheap' - just that OEC's platform had what I needed. Others might say that it doesn't meet their needs so they need a T4 or Xtrader.

    As for execution, quality of data, etc. I have not seen any difference between the two. I would have quickly went back to T4 if OEC was not on the same level.

    It comes down to what your needs are and trying platforms out to see. Or if you just want to pay the most b/c it makes you feel like you are getting the best, that's an option as well.
  7. JPope


    Does anyone know if OEC has inter commodity autospreading capabilities yet?
    Corn/beans, KW/ZW, etc? If not, what platforms aside from TT do? Thanks
  8. I agree with the Browns fanatic :) . As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you have a style or method of trading, then you have some idea what you're shopping for. If not, IMO, traders design systems/methods out of the tools (indicators/data) available on the software/platform they receive, usually for free, from the broker they've chosen (for whatever reason they made that choice), and may be unaware other options of indicators/data exist, e.g. third party indicators.

    We don't know, what we don't know.