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I have increased my simulated account by:

  1. 100% + in a year

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  2. 50% to 99% in a year

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  3. 25% to 49% in a year

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  4. 10% to 24% in a year

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  5. 0% to 9% in a year

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  6. I lost money in my simulated account

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  1. Every great trader understands the needs to trade simulated account before going live. Those who are currently trading simulated accounts are on their way to become great traders.

    What I wanted to know is, what are the skill levels of traders on simulated account.

  2. Play money trading can never prepare you for the real thing.
  3. Sorry, I have disagree. Even Jesse Livermore were "sim trading"(in his mind, cause there was no computer back then. lol) for 6 weeks before attempting to trade with his 500 shares facility.
  4. I know ten times as many traders who are now former cash traders with blown accounts, as traders who started on a sim, and worked up their confidence before going to cash.
  5. I am sure a lot of professional traders here made a lot of sim-bucks before.

    Please vote!
  6. We just have to disagree. Trading is a game of emotions. What emotions are involved when you are trading play money. Risk tolerances and money management are thrown out the window when it's only play money on the line.
  7. On that, we agree. There is no better place to develop a system of your own design than in sim. Quite foolish to do so in cash. Once your system is right, then go to cash, starting small, in order to conquer emotions in trading, and increasing size as emotions are controlled with more size. We also agree that emotions cannot be fought in sim mode. The two issues here are 1) ability of the trader and 2) ability of the system.
  8. In that case, with no emotion in simtrading, returns should be higher.

    We should we more votes that show high return results.
  9. The absence of emotions, combined with sim-type fills (no slippage), creates idealism in results. Yes, they should be higher.
  10. What is the difference if any in the data feed of a Demo account compare to a Simulated account using Ninja Trader with Zen-Fire data feed?

    Is the same data feed for a Sim account considered live data?
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