Trading Situation Wanted For 9 Years Exp Trader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tjuggler, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Trader whose best years were in the mid to late 90's looking for prop trading situation either remote or in the NYC area. Most of my time was spent with the best and most honorable prop firm on the street. Unfortunately, they are not hiring at present. My recent trading has not been good, but I know that given the opportunity, I can prove myself worthy. I cannot deposit capital and am equally comfortable with either listed or OTC. I have all necessary licenses (7, 63, 55, 24). I will also consider a management position with such a firm. Thank you for your attention.
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    Have you looked at Do a search on "trader," there are many positions. I remember someone mentioning this on another thread.

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    i can set you up with a job- i'll keep 50% of your profits, you pay 1.0 cents/ share all-in -if i can see demonstrated good performance on your monthly statements.....................and for the others, do you think that this is a fair deal to offer a new trader??