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  1. The other week I put a post up about the active chat rooms in the trading community. I got a few suggestions and over the past weekend I finally had the time and I went looking for a good one. I found three that I believe to be some of the best from the 20 or so that I looked at (free and paying). My quick reviews are below, now I haven’t actually traded with any of them yet as it is just Monday so we will only see however I wanted to get some thoughts from people.
    Just in case you didn’t see my previous post I am looking for a chat room that has traders making picks/calls for stocks and/or futures.

    So here are my quick reviews –

    It’s free and they cover both stocks and futures. I signed up for an account and logged in and saw the chat history of what appeared to be a good trade or two. They also provide a forex chat room and a few swing trades services which I may be interested in; cool thing is they are free as well. Question is: They appear new so will they be any good? –

    $350 a month for each room. However the site looks very nice and these guys have been around awhile. They appear to be the pros and as I said have been around a very long time but of course you pay heavily for that experience. They also provide tons of training options and numerous other services. (any reviews on those services would be awesome as well) Question is: worth the price? –

    Its free and I’m not sure if they have futures as well. Simply put its free which is awesome and from what I know its amazingly popular BUT I’m not sure if they provide what I am looking for. Question is: Is is what I want?

    Let me know if your experiences with these trading sites and what you think of them. Reviews comments, success stories, horror stories, let it out. Any reviews of other sites would be awesome as well.

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  4. Search feature on ET + google + yahoo = many answers to your questions.
  5. i trust the opinion of et. thats why i asked about it here.
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    sorry for asking just wanted to know if anyone had any experiences they could share.