Trading single lot e-mini

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderkay, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. Tahoe, haven't seen a post in a while. How is your mentoring going? I too am trying to trade just the e-mini. Has your mentor been worthwhile? Thanks

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  2. Cesko


    Do consider some contingencies if you are placing a trade from work based on a cell phone page. It is a certainty that your CME feed at home will go down, internet connection will drop, IB will glitch.

    How can you trade IB account over the cell phone?
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  3. DaveN



    Sorry for the late reply. I'm one of the AT&T Broadband subscribers that lost service as part of the Excite@Home bankruptcy. Finally, I'm reconnected....:D

    What I was referring to was Tahoe's suggestion that he would be taking trades signaled from his Metastock Pro to his cell phone. It comes through like a paged message. Your phone beeps, you read, then rush over to your order entry system--real time direct access or phone a broker.

    I've never called in trades with IB, although I think you can do that for a price (you'll have to check their website for those details.)
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