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  1. I've developed an Excel based program that can simulate real time trading with the Interactive Brokers data feed. If you're interested just send send me a note and I'll email you a copy of it. My email address is
  2. It worked great for me. Thanks a million. Too bad you didn't work for IB!
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    I'm glad you figured out how to post a picture. Let me know if you've figured out too how to make money daytrading.

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  6. Thanks Almost,
    I've tried a lot of simulators from different brokers but I haven't found any that works as good as yours.
  7. Two week free trial!!!! Eminis and CBOT!
  8. I tried FFastTrainer, it's OK, but pretty buggy and unreliable plus they hound you at the end of the two weeks to sign up for an account. I just tried almostatrader's simulator. It doesn't have as much capability but it's far more reliable and works like a charm. The price is right too. $0.00
  9. Nicely done!

    Now when esignal gets the replay feature working this will make backtesting a real test becuase it factors slippage and human response time into the equation.

    Good work. Sometimes the most simple things (an Excel s-sheet) beat out all the expensive software in the world for real-world usability.
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    Try MyTrack w/ the AIQ data feed. The simulator that it has is extremely realistic because it charges you commissions, sends you emails instantly upon execution...AND most importantly, you can't get filled if the bid or the ask just isn't there. If you wanna buy 1000 shares and the first level on the offer is ARCA with a little 2 next to it, you aren't getting filled. That's how real life works. Everything else is just kidding yourselves, because slippage and commissions are the whole game when you are just starting out. All of this costs $226 per month.
    That's another part of real trading life. Data feeds aren't free. I have been using this service for 6 months now and still don't have a dime of real capital in the markets. Its tuition.
    I don't really think you can learn anything on a free simulator.
    Nothing is free...........especially a career that pays thousands a day to those that have mastered it.

    I wish you all good discipline and lack of emotion.
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