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  1. Dear Trader,

    This is a signal source free of charge for trading options on stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ). The signals are high quality signals. I start this journal for 2 reasons: First I know based on own experience that there are many traders out there who just started this business and are interested in making profits to buffer the losses of their own trading-tests before they start.

    Second reason is to establish a realtime-signal-chatroom in a couple of months for which this journal generates a prove of business. I have an 8 year trading experience with more than 15,000 hours of trading (action in front of the screens). My trading approach which I normally apply to the intraday timeframe works also for swing-trading.

    The signals which are generated here are are those swing-trading signals. They are End-Of-Day-signals in NYSE & NASDAQ stocks. The instrument to trade the signals is: Options.

    The Rules:

    1) Risk not more than 3% per single position. If several signals are posted simultaneously, try to take most of them. Don’t put your equity into a single signal.

    2) Take always at or in the money options with an expiration-date at least 6 weeks in the future.

    3) Signals are posted in the night between the closing bell and next day's opening bell.

    4) No initial stops (the 3% per-trade limitation is the stop. It’s a monetary stop – not a chartlevel-stop). Once a stock runs a good way against the desired direction and comes back into b/e terrain: Cover near b/e-level discretionary. No postings in this journal for that case. Its your job.

    5) Trademanagement is done by you. Exit signals are not posted here due to the demand of time that I don’t have, as many positions are running at the same time and every signal posted is traded by me, too.

    The Action-codes:

    1) S = Short L = Long
    2) ABC(example) = Symbol
    3) E17.83(example) = Entry: Max. allowed price for entry. If a short signal with the price of 17.83 is posted and the market gaps or runs below this price (without getting the entry), the entry signal is invalid. No entry anymore!
    4) K18.25(example) = Killprice: If the signal is short than the trade signal gets immediately invalid if the market gaps or runs above the Killprice.
    5) T17.88(example) = Trigger price. If the signal wasn't generated by the stock, yet you must wait for the trigger price being reached to trade the stock. If a signal is posted without the T-price it means that you are allowed to trade the stock-option immediately after the market opens (of course within the range of the E-price and K-price described above)

    Example 1: S-AAPL-E203.10-K208.50
    Explanation: Buy Put-option on Apple as long as price at the next opening bell is above 203.10. Don’t trade if Apple gaps or runs above 208.50.

    Example 2: S-AAPL-T203.43-E203.10-K208.50
    Explanation: Wait for the price drops below 203.43 to buy Put-option on Apple as long as you can catch it above 203.10 (if it falls too fast, don't trade it under the E-Level). Don’t trade if Apple gaps or runs above 208.50.

    Check this journal every day before New York Opening bell and trade the signals posted here.

    PLEASE DO NOT POST COMMENTS IN THE JOURNAL AS I DONT ANSWER THEM. I would like to serve a signal source here – no discussion-board. Questions? Send a PM to me.
  2. The first signals will show up starting from Monday next week (30. Nov) before NYSE-opening bell.
  3. SIGNALS FOR MONDAY, 11/30/2009:

    1: L-M-T17.65-E18.00-K16.50
    2: S-MNKD-T6.30-E6.20-K7.40
    3: L-VRTX-E40.10-K38.40
    4: S-FLR-E42.50-K45.00
    5: L-TXT-E21.00-K19.30
    6: S-PHM-E9.00-K-9.55
    7: S-FSLR-T115.00-E-114.50-K128.00

    (Signals are only valid for the next session. If the T-price isn't reached do not trade it on the following days. Wait for a new post here for the specific symbol)