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  1. I'm looking for legal and fiscal advice to set up my trading business in the most efficient possible way. I'm moving from the US back to Italy, where I'm from.

    I do around 100 trades a day - long and short - in US stocks, etfs, cefs, futures, options and other derivatives.

    I would appreciate any tip, advice or professional recommendations.

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    How long did you stay out of Italy?
    Depending on your answer there are solutions.
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    I think the only difference is that as a foreigner you need to fill out the W8BEN formular (tax stuff between the countries).

    BTW, with such "few" trades you IMHO should do your "business" as a private investor, ie. as individual trader, but you need to have >= $25k capital (ie. account value) at all times
    --> day trading rules...
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  4. I've been living in the States for twenty years.

    I need to untangle issues like my green card, my American wife, business costs (Bloomberg terminal, commissions, short financing, leverage margins...).

    I'm sure there must be solutions, that's why I'm looking for competent help :)
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    How do you manage 50 positions in 1 day? Is it done by algos?
  6. Yes
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    An unrelated question HeadAndTail: Do you trade BVME stocks and if so, who do you trade with?

    (I am finding IB particularly expensive with Europeans)
  8. I don't.
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  10. Thanks Schweiz, that's exactly the kind of tips I'm looking for.
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