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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bizeditor, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. bizeditor


    I've noticed ads for an Online Trading Seminar in Anaheim, CA in late August. Does anyone have any experience with these. Is it worth attending?
  2. spend on seminars if you hate money.
    ever wonder of the late night infomercials - can it be true
    we it ain't - you will be pissing money away !!!!
    fact, there has nothing ever be said in a seminar that you
    can't find in a book. and if there is - it's worthless fluff. if the guy has anything "real" he would not spend his time on "seminars" he would be busy making money the "old fashioned way".
    It's a pipe dream of a desparate soul !!!!
  3. Fletch


    If you are referring to the Trading Expo in Anahiem then I would say there is value in visiting some of the vendors (assuming you don't have to spend a lot of money flying there). I like seeing what the current stuff is that the quote providors have and what new deals some of the brokers are offering. For example, I learned more about qcharts by listening to Gibbons Burke for 30 minutes then I'd probably ever figure out on my own. I also saw IB there offering 1 cent/share before anyone had heard of them.

    One day should be more than enough time to see everything. I've never attended any of the seminar stuff so I can't comment on that. As they say.. those who can trade: do, those who can't: teach.

  4. Turok


    Don't go the show in Anaheim for the seminars...get a free pass to the exhibit floor and have fun just cruising the booths and chuckling at the crazy schemes for making money.

    I just love the guy in the cheap suit, bow tie and headset at the black box booth telling everyone over the $40 PA that if this little light turns green "there almost no way to lose money".