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    I`m looking for a good trading seminar preferably in Europe but if you think there aren`t anyones that jump off the page US will do just fine.

    I`ve been looking arround the internet and been asking some people that work in finance but i couldn`t find anything really good (in the sense that they told me i heard that he gives good seminars but on resarching about them i found more bad things then good people calling them a joke).

    Is it possible for you to give me some names of very succsefull (millionaire traders if posible) that give seminars what would be a top 5 of best people out there.

    Thanks a lot and hope to see as many posts as possible
  2. syztrader


    I do not know any real current profitable traders that do seminars. Sometimes after someone no longer is profitable (market dynamics change etc) they host a seminar under the guise of being profitable still. Usually seminars are taught by people who talk a good game, but have failed to make it as traders.

    To really learn trading you need some one on one guidance. Usually through a mentorship or a prop trading desk etc. Or stick with some simple methods and build upon them. You can learn the basic lingo, terms etc from many books available on Amazon. There is no need to pay someone to teach you the basics.
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    Mentoring is so expensive i found someone for 1000 a day.But how can you that he is good even if he trades for 20 years if really good traders make on an avrege day 1-5000 $.How can you know who is good and who`s not.
    It`s not like i have a friend he went there and he said wow that guy is really worth hes money.

    Thats why i would like to hear some oppinions of someone saying hey i went there now i`m making money and improving