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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 50cent, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I am a scalper that is consistentley profitable. I dont make millions but a fair amount of money (300$-2000$) daily average is around 650 a day. I trade the whole day do maybe 300+ trades a day with avg75k volume. But the thing that seperates me is that i make money every single day. I do not have down days. This whole year i had 6 down days and traded every single day my last down day was june 11 and it was for 60 bucks. I dont make a killing but a respectable amount still. I was thinking i can have a trading seminar i have a stage im on it ith my screens projected in the background. It would last 930-530 and people would be able to see me trade in real time. I would charge a fee but also money back garuantee that i would make money on that day. And afterwards for an hour explain what strategies i use. Just wondering how much you think i would be able to charge for something like this and weather you think people would actually be interested.
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    You might get takers but I think people would get really bored watching you take 300 trades in a day. They would literally be sitting there watching you trade and at 300 trades a day you probably wouldn't be able to talk to them much.
  3. Sounds like watching a poker tourney.
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    If your making about $650 to 3k a day why would you bother with wanting people to pay. Just buy a webcam and broadcast yourself on ustream for free. If your that good people will want to pay after they see it not before.
  5. Very easy to do over the internet vs. trying to sell tickets, book a hotel, etc. etc.

    Basically it's a chat room and you can do it via hotcomm, omnovia, etc.

    And people are more than willing to pay for services like this.
  6. I hope your guarantee is better than your spelling.
  7. 300 trades a day is someone who need to learn to trade on somewhat longer bars. Just fighting slippage, commissions/fees, etc. eats a huge part of the profits
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    its not its the backbone of my strategy i take small profits from the market. That is exactly how i am able to mantain consistency. Law of large numbers i do 300+ trades a day and am able to make money everyday and just FYI this is net profits on .6 cents a share. I dont make crushing trades for points on thousands of shares, i do not hold for long periods of time i am a scalper thats what i do i catch 300 shares for 5 to 15 cents trades consistently throughout the whole day and it adds up. I started this forum not to question or prove my strategy but to try and find a way for me to make more money. I probbaly could size up a little bit more but there is a ceiling to the amount of stock i could effectivley trade. BUt i just wanted to gauge weather people would be interested in seeing this and if so how much i could epxect to charge for this deomnstration
  9. It'd be interesting to see.
  10. sounds better than most seminars, in my opinion
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