Trading Seminar for Southern California traders....

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  1. Redwood Trading presents a free trading seminar;

    An Open Session with
    DATE: Saturday, September 6, 2003
    TIME: 9:30am (will last approximately 2 to 3 hours)
    FEE: No Charge
    Pre-Registration is highly recommended. Seating is limited to 20.
    VENUE: Enfrastructure/Tech-Space Building
    65 Enterprise
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

    Click here for directions .

    Parking is Free


    Spend the morning in a relaxed and informal setting with famed
    Elliott Wave Master Glenn Neely, the founder of Elliott Wave Institute and creator of the NeoWave® method. Glenn will be joined by best-selling Author and founder of EvolutionTrading.NET, Fernando Gonzalez. Glenn and Fernando each carry a very extensive trading background and will share their expertise on the markets in this free open session event.

    Attendees will experience a rare opportunity to closely interact with both masters. Each will be presenting a diverse list of topics that the audience can freely choose to discuss. You will choose the topic you want to here!

    Glenn and Fernando will also respond to your questions regarding technique, trading approach, risk management, technical analysis, the current state of the markets, order entry and many other topics. This seminar will be educational to traders of all experience levels, we hope to see you there!

    Be sure to pre-register as seating is only limited to 20. To
    pre-register, please send an e-mail to:

    rttrader -
    Redwood Trading LLC
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    Unlike some other firms who are looking to make a buck every chance they get.
  3. Yes we are not going to charge for these and if this seminar goes well, I already have received request's to bring it to the east coast......we'll see. The seminar is being held in a really nice location and both presenters are published authors, long time profitable (and current) traders who have their own current newsletters and services.

    Also the real original "twist" is that the PARTICIPANTS will choose the topic, we want this to provide tangible trading information for the informed, active trader.

    We at Redwood Trading want to provide real substance in our training programs and seminars. I've personally been to to many "week long training' sessions or 1 or 2 day seminars that were marketing programs thinly disguised. I really have been working with some of the top talent we have to provide 1st..."substantial" information while still promoting Redwood Trading as a top level firm for the active, mature trader. I will be the first to admit we are trying to support and promote our Aliso Viejo office and are using these as vehicles to do so.

    Hope to see and meet as many EliteTraders members their!

    rttrader -
  4. All,

    We still have a few seats left for anyone that would like to attend the seminar on Sept. 6th.

    Please email your request to reserve seating to;

    rttrader -
  5. ..still 3 seats left for the free seminar next Saturday in Aliso Viejo, CA, please email for reservations to

    Look forward to meeting you all their next Saturday.

    rttrader -
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    well see you there, looking forward to meeting you
  7. burnin -

    Did you reserve your seat yet? If not email me and I'll make sure one is set aside for you. I'll need your full name that's it!

    If your already registered... please make sure you introduce yourself to me at the seminar! I really enjoy meeting new Elite people and finding out what their doing and how their trading!

    Looks like it will be a lot of fun.

    rttrader -
  8. if i was west coast , i would most definitely attend. glen neally is the only real wizard of elliott wave still giving seminars. although i am not an elliott wave trader, his writings have had profound impact on my analysis and trading systems. i highly recommend this seminar.


  9. Surf,

    Thanks for the kind words. I feel extremely lucky to be working with a firm that has these types of relationships. I myself will be attending with my notebook and pen at the ready. I actually am looking forward to this with many....I've been to SO many of these "Seminars" that turned out to be nothing but a marketing campaign to get you on board for this software or that firm or completely worthless information.....Glenn is unique in that him and Fernando Gonzalez will be allowing the AUDIENCE to choose the topic which I also find refreshing. I might add Fernando G. has some powerful technical abilities as he wrote the original coursework for the Online Trading Academy and has authored, "Strategies for the Online Day Trader (McGraw-Hill 1999)". I am also looking forward to meeting and hearing from Fernando Gonzalez.

    I do hope we can bring this back East to share with the ET traders and our other clients back east...I am working on that! (As you know).

    Take care...look forward to meeting the ET people who have already emailed me for reservations, only 3 seats left!

    rttrader -
  10. All,

    The seminar is now full, we are taking names for a waiting list for last minute cancellations. Looking forward to seeing everyone their, maybe even have a few drinks after the seminar(?)

    rttrader -
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