Trading Sectors

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ksonsinc, Feb 26, 2006.

what sector and how many sector do you,ll trade

  1. I trade just 1 sector strickly

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  2. I trade 2 or more of sectors

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  3. I trade a couple of sector but depending on Market

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  4. i am like ksonsinc i trade anything :)

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  1. I personal was trading just about everything
    Oil Chips homebuilder internet enegry
    But when i start trading again i want to follow just a certain sector or two
    May be chip,s and oil or home builder
    how many sectors do you,ll trade and do you have a section of quote for every sector
  2. I cancel all of my symbols on tws when the session ends and on the following am during pre-mkt I re-populate the screen with everything that is in the news and has the highest probability of rangining (trending) in full percentages.
  3. mizer


    Yeah.......I like to stick to one sector. The one thats moving:D
  4. I have been mainly trading energy stocks (oils, natural gas, coal etc) because they have been and should be in play for quite some time. I guess, once they die down, it'll be time to see which sector(s) money will be redistributed to.
  5. Whatever is moving today I am trading it