Trading "Secrets"

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  1. Successful traders, tell us your trading secrets so we can all copy you. LOL...

    Actually, I think any strategy that earns extraordinary returns are usually temporary. That's the nature of the markets.

    The best example is the turtle moving average and other breakout strategies having a tough time from the mid 1980s to late 1990s, only to be resuscitated in time for the commodities boom.
  2. Funny, but I actually do just that. I post trades on my blog a few hours before they happen, talk about risk limits, and exit signals, and let people comment. And still the couple of followers I have can't trade like I can.

    The number 1 secret I have is that I believe my system. And I believe it because I understand what it is telling me. You can try to do what I do, but if you don' t understand the message my indicators are telling me, you won't believe the message like I do. And if you don't believe, you won't follow. It is VERY difficult to put your own money on the line if you don't trust it. And it's hard to trust something you don't understand.
    If you want to trade consistently, get beyond "X pattern leads to Y price movement 7 of 10 times" and search for understanding about what the pattern is actually trying to communicate about the people who are driving the price.
    Once you have that, utilize good risk management and a system for trailing a trade that protects you and makes reliance on "being right" very low. That should do it.
  3. extraordinary returns require hard working
  4. I would like trade secret please help I give you what I do and maybe we can reverse it.

    20 MA over 10 MA with stop and reverse at second wave.

    Sync between RSI 14 cross and 15 MA with stop no reverse.
  5. and you are exactly right.trend is your friend, and what i mean by "trend" is a weekly or monthly timeframe:D

    when you have strong long lasting trend - turtles do,monkeys do alltogether
  6. Hi Guys I am Back :):

    Well there is no secret in trading, you need to experience it you need to experience it yourself and see what is the best strategy for you , Do not follow others blindly, What works for others might not work for you
  7. What the market DOESN'T do is as important as what it does do.

    You should strive to be the "smartest dumb money" in the market.

    Every tick is important, but not every tick requires that you take action.

    You'll make far more money reacting than you will predicting.

    Sometimes it's smarter to wait for the market to move 10 handles in the direction you want to trade before entering than it is to enter on the next tick in that direction.

    Everything in the market is self-defined. Just like for a physicist there is nothing outside the universe, for a trader, there is nothing outside the market. Yes, this includes the "real economy".

    Perhaps the most important thing you can do to improve your returns is learn how to identify "false positive" signals from your methodology without completely reworking it.

    Really good trading always has at least some hint of contrarianism to it, but not too much.

    The market is, actually (and thankfully), always wrong.

    At any given moment, if you understand the underlying logic of the market's fluctuations, you will know if you should be long, short, both or flat, where and when you should have entered and where your current exit is. If you don't, you should know that the best of those who you are competing against do. If you like those odds, by all means, keep trading.
  8. I have a secret, it takes at least 3-5 years of FULL TIME hard work and study to become consistently profitable.

    Don't ever believe a vendor that is selling you an indicator or system that tells you otherwise.
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  10. my strategy of choice is frontrunning. Already up 100% for the year.
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